Thurs. Jan. 4, 1945

Lv. San Pedro Bay 6:00 A.M. 0

Sun. Dec. 31, 1944

Lv. beach 6:00 P.M., anchored in San Pedro Bay (Tacloban). 0

Dec. 1, 1944

Left screen and proceeded to San Pedro Bay off Tacloban. ComDesDiv 44 attended conference with Commander Task Force (CTF) 77 in WASATCH (AGC 9). Took on fuel from ARETHUSA (IX 135). ComDesDiv 44 then held conference in CONWAY of Division ships’ CO’s. In evening, Destroyer Division 44 (DesDiv 44), composed of CONWAY, CONY, EATON, and SIGOURNEY (DD 643) in column, …

18 November 1944

GQ 2350 — secured at 0045 GQ 0200 — secured at 0515 GQ 0700 — secured at 0845 Four Jap planes shot down, one crashed into stern of a Liberty ship. One US P-47 shot down by our own guns. Two more GQs during the afternoon – one Jap plane down. Another GQ about 1620. 1630 Underway from Leyte, PI …

18 November 1944

The good word has come. We’re off for Humboldt Bay, Hollandia, New Guinea. Goodbye San Pedro Bay.   0

26 October 1944

GQ at 0500, nothing happened. I think they bombed inland on the beach. We secured at 0530. GQ was again sounded at 0600 and the planes came in. We and the ships around shot it down. She didn’t have a chance. When the plane hit the water, it sank immediately. Well, everyone was happy then and we secured. GQ was …

20 October 1944

0600 Arrived off Island of LEYTE, Philippine Islands. Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers bombarding –first wave landed at 1015; second wave landed at 1030. No enemy opposition. Japs appeared to be very surprised. Jap bomber shot down. Jap air raid at night. Ships anchored in San Pedro Bay off city or Tacloban, Island of Leyte. 0

20 October 1944

Another memorable day in the life of the great Ritchie. At midnight we passed Dinogat [Dinagat] Island and entered Surigao Strait and Leyte Gulf. Tight squeeze for a convoy of this size with little or no maneuvering space. 5:30AM went to our first GQ. At this time we had a steering casualty and by losing control for a few seconds, …