September 1st Friday 1899

Got off at 2.30 p.m. and passed down past our old battlefield, and past the burnt evident of wars grim terrors. Natives on bank cried, “Adios Wn.” Below Macati Co F cascoe ran ashore on a sharp bend, and Capt Booker had a swim for his money. Put us in barracks No. 12 at San Maguil [Miguel] the most beautiful part of town in San Miguel district. Had a fine supper, first in three days. Downtown in eve with “4” –everyone gave us the “glad hand.”

August 29th — Tuesday 1899

Not yet relieved, although 2 Co’s 37th Vets are in Pasig. There must have been trouble at St Pedro Macati, as we heard cannonading at intervals for two hours or more. Sometime ago they captured the mayor and 100 others for being implicated in an insurrection there.

July 14-Friday, 1899

Took carometa [carromata] for Capeton del Porta and at 9 a.m. the boat up river went off and left me. Carriage to Pasig cost 12 pesos –so took a car and rode out to Macati & telegraphed “No boat –extend pass” –Ans– “Very Well.” City full of sailors & soldiers. Had dinner at Paco –to Circus in eve. Tumblers & Jugglers, good –comedy bum. Slept in 16.

7-12 Wednesday 1899

Went to Pasig. Visited boys in hospital, then walked to lower ferry where “New York” was hung up. Crossed to road at cut, & walked to Sn Pedro. Many amigos along road, but no trouble. Later in day a soldier was shot at 11 times here. Caught a chelais at Sn Pedro Macati and rode to Washington Restauranta where I had dinner. Later rode out to 14 Looban & had a special visit. To English Hotel at 5.30 when the curfew rang. Had a “time” with “Dick the Scout.”

Saturday, June 10th, 1899

[Battle at Las Pinas. See Report of Maj. Genl. Amy. for 1899–Part 2. p. 136 & 137]

Left S. P. Macati 5 a.m. Marched & fought all day. Leonard & 4 men wounded — 2 killed. Made camp in rice paddy west of Las Pinas at 7 p.m. After about hardest days experience since entering army. Terrifying incident at night.

May 13, 1899

Saturday. 21st Infantry start for lines near Waterworks also some regulars start for Lawton’s division to relieve Oregon. In afternoon get Carmetta [and] get Miss Bowman. Go to convent where I bought 2 Spanish & two Philippine bags also some doilies 7 a nickel of Juna [jusi] Cloth. Took some pictures of girls at work & mothers. Then started out through Paco to San Pedro Macati a fine trip through a fine country.

Every inch in rice fields well cultivated. Country is rolling in nature and hills & through a jungle of bamboo etc. Took several pictures along the road and several at San Pedro Macati from Gen. Kings old headquarters. Returning reached home at supper time. Took supper at Chinese restaurant with Tuft & Freeman.

April 25th-99

On outpost across river in ruins of old house. Close to bamboos. All quiet. Sabia’s husband came in at 8 a.m. with presents of chickens & eggs for me. I got him a pass and went with him to his grass hut at Ususan. They fed me on eggs, boiled chicken and rice and fried bananas. Then, as I was on outpost last night Sabia spread mat and I laid down, while she squatted down on her haunches and fanned me to sleep. When the canoes were loaded, she awakened me and I had a few raw bananas. Then we floated down the river past the black ruins of Pateros, and on down the winding river until we reached the ferry at lower Pasig. I went to Pasig & had Col. Fife sign the pass. Then we swung into the river and made good time to San Pedro Macate [Makati]. 12th U.S. all along river road. A couple of catacombs on n. bank which is hilly & rocky. At Macati a Brig. Gen. Wholley signed pass and I left them to float down to Singalon [Singalong] alone. They gave me all dinero they had –12¢ Mex. and paddled down the Pasig with their loads of rice, chickens &c and white flag on bows. They used to work in the tabacalaria [Tabacalera], 5 men & 20 women and children. Came back to Pasig on H²O boat New York –& walked across to Taguig.