2 November 1944

0345 GQ — secured 0450 0515 GQ — secured 0745 Usual routine — rather quite. Air attack at night. Army shot down 14 Jap planes during the night of 1 November. 0

1 November 1944

Only 3 GQs today – but no action. Two DDs sunk in bombing and air torpedo attack about 50 miles south by Japs. Two DDs arrive with many survivors. Four Jap prisoners taken aboard (two enlisted men, 1 Jap navy Captain and 1 Jap Gunnery Officer). 0

31 October 1944

0550 GQ – secured 0600. No action. 0610 GQ – secured 0715. No action. Usual routine day – only two GQs during day. About 1900 GQ sounded, a Jap bomber dropped bombs on US oil and gasoline dump which blazed sky high and burned for several hours. Jap plane was shot down. Secured from GQ at about 2030. 0

30 October 1944

Rather quite all day — only 3 GQ’s. Army-planes keeping Japs away and under control. Heavy storm last night. Sea heavy and wind at gale force. Loss small LCVP #1, crew saved. Took aboard about 12 more survivors. 0

30 October 1944

The barometer dropped drastically and the wind rose to 71 knots. Quite an experience for I was on watch (12AM – 4AM) when it came up and what a time we had. Some ships broke from their anchorages and drifted about the bay. With the congestion of the bay, this was bad. Thanks to the bad weather, air activity let …

29 October, 1944

Saw Jap plane shot down and burst into flames at base of mountain on Leyte. A large number of P-38s and other Army fighters here. US Hospital ship COMFORT here. Was aboard the USS WASATCH (AGC-9) to get stores this morning. Issued more clothing to a few survivors. A rather quite day. 0

28-29 October 1944

More GQs but caught some sleep on top of an ammunition box. Devil may care.   0

28 October 1944

0130 Started receiving aboard 350 survivors including 150 stretcher cases from sea battle of the 26th. Working all night, feeding, clothing and caring for men. A pitiful sight. Many men and officers with only a pair of underdrawers on or maybe a just a towel around them. Giving them all the help and care we can. Issued supplies to US …

28 October 1944

The boys off the Carrier had been in the water for 2 days and nights. They told of how the Japs bracketed her with Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers and let her have it. The fellows claim that their ship hit the Battleship twice, one in the No. 2 Turret and one in the superstructure.   0