Timeline of Diaries 

Age of Exploration

Journal of Antonio Pigafetta

Antonio Pigafetta (1491 — 1534), Italian chronicler of Ferdinand Magellan’s 1519-1522 voyage. Learn more About Antonio Pigafetta and his diary.

Logbook of Francisco Albo

Francisco Albo, botswain and navigator from the island of Rhodes. Originally botswain of the Trinidad in Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition, he then became pilot of the Victoria under the command of Sebastian de Elcano. Learn more About Francisco Albo and his diary.

Logbook of Pierre Plin

Pierre Plin (also, Pierre Plun). Pilot in the Legaspi armada of 1564-65. Learn more About Pierre Plin and his diary.


Logbook of Rodrigo de Espinosa

Rodrigo de Espinosa, served as an assistant pilot in the armada of Legaspi. Learn more About Rodrigo de Espinoza and his diary.

Logbook of Esteban Rodriguez de Figueroa

Estéban Rodriguez, chief pilot of the ship Capitana in the Legaspi armada of 1565. Learn more About Estéban Rodriguez and his diary.

Logbook of Jaime Martinez and Diego Martin

Journal of William Dampier

Seven Years War

Journal of William Draper

Journal of Manuel Rojo

Under New Spain (1764–1821)

Diary of Manuel de Agote

Direct Rule from Madrid (1821–1898)

Diary of Guillermo Galvey



Diary of Harriet Low Hillard

Journal of Benjamin Lincoln Ball

Journal of Cornelius Gold

Journal of John Woodward Philip

Diary of Consuelo Ortiga y Rey

Philippine Revolution, First Phase (August 1896 — December 14, 1897)

Diary of Gregorio del Pilar

Diary of Rafael Palma

Spanish-American War (April 21, 1898 — August 13, 1898)

Diary of Miguel Saderra Maso

Diary of John T. McCutcheon

Diary of George A. Loud

Diary of James J. Loughrey

Philippine Revolution, Second Phase (May 24, 1898 — January 23, 1899)

Diary of Chriss A. Bell

Diary of John Henry Asendorf

Diary of John B. Kinne

Journal of Eliphalet Huntington Blatchford

Eliphalet Huntington Blatchford (October 9, 1876 — December 23, 1905). In 1898 he enlisted in the United States Cavalry and was stationed in Manila where he remained for six months. Learn more About Eliphalet Huntington Blatchford and his diary.

First Republic (January 23, 1899 — March 23, 1901)

Diary of Venancio Concepcion

Diary of Gregorio del Pilar

Diary of Telesforo Carrasco

United States Military Government (August 14, 1898– July 2, 1902)

Diary of Albert Burton Welch

Diary of John E.T. Milsaps

Diary of Joseph John Collins

Filipino-American War (February 4, 1899 — July 2, 1902)

Diary of Robert Bruce Payne

Diary of Santiago Barcelona

Diary of Theodore Wurm

Diary of William Herman Wilhelm

Diary of Edward Avery Bumpus

Diary of Karl D. White

Diary of Simeon Villa

Diary of Peyton C. March

Diary of Edward E. Brown

About Edward E. Brown

Journal of John Marvin Dean

Diary of Apolinario Mabini

Diary of Edward Avery Bumpus

Edward Avery Bumpus (June 24, 1875 — September 28, 1901), lieutenant in the U.S. Army from Massachusetts killed in action in Balangiga, Eastern Samar in 1901. Learn more About Edward Avery Bumpus and his diary.

Diary of John David DeHuff

Diary of Jessie Anglum

Diary of Daniel Roderick Williams

Insular Government (1901–1935)

Diary of Philinda Anglemyer

Diary of John J. Pershing

Diary of Levi K. Case

Diary of an Anonymous American Lady

Diary of Joseph Stilwell

Diary of Dean Worcester

Diary of Young American Woman in the Philippines

Diary of Warren D. Smith

Diary of Jacob Cuznar

Diary of Joseph Stilwell

Diary of Olivia Salamanca

Diary of Robert Dollar

Diary of Vernon L. Burge

Diary of C.B. Struthers

Diary of Carrie Chapman Catt

Diary of C.B. Struthers

Diary of Anonymous German Reservist in Manila

Tsingtao War Diary

Diary of William C. Allen

Diary of Jacob Cuznar

Diary of Joseph Stilwell

Diary of Teodoro M. Kalaw

Diary of Angeles Monrayo

Diary Notes of Manuel L. Quezon

Diary of Aurora A. Quezon

Diary of Marcial Lichauco

Diary of Joseph Stilwell

Commonwealth of the Philippines