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About Alberto Masoliver

About the author: Alberto Masoliver, S.J. parish priest of Surigao and Superior of the Jesuits in the area. At one time, elected Chairman of the Interim Provincial Board at the start of the Philippine Revolution. Readers may wish to consult one of his letters (dated May 8, 1899, in Spanish) reproduced in Cartas de los padres de la Compañía de Jesus de la Mision de Filipinas, Issue 11 (see pp. 28-35).

About the diary: From Surigao, from General Aguinaldo to General Bates (1898-1900) by Peter Schreurs, Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society, Vol. 11, No. 1 (March 1983), pp. 57-68. In it, the author noted,

My central source of information is an unpublished “Diario de la Casa de Surigao” for the period of October 9, 1898 till August 2, 1899. This diary is a day-by-day account of the happenings at Surigao by the Jesuit parish priest of Surigao, Fr. Alberto Masoliver. It is presently kept in the archives of the Aragon S.J. province at Sant Cugat del Vallés in Spain. It carries the pressmark E-II-b. 51.

In the same article, the author notes that the translations into English from the original Spanish, are his.