Mentions of the Philippine Diary Project

Over time, we’ve been gratified to notice that people are starting to refer to the Philippine Diary Project, in blog posts, columns, and even in scholarly articles. Here are some of these mentions:

Columns and articles

Corruption in Philippines: Marcos was the worst, by John Nery, September 11, 2013

73 bones, 33 teeth, by Ambeth Ocampo, October 30, 2015

Time to put PH history online, by Ambeth Ocampo, January 13, 2016

Celebrating Filipino valor, by Joey D. Lina, April 9, 2019.

Blogs and other online sources

Son of Sandor regularly posts links from World War II-era entries in the Philippine Diary Project on Twitter

Aurora Quezon’s bomb fuse, in The Diary Review, April 28, 2009

Felipe Buencamino III — 6 januari 1942, in So To Bed, January 5, 2013

Lovin’ this Phil. Diary Project!, in With One’s Past, March 4, 2013

Blog of the Week: The Philippine Diary Project, in The Daily Opium, June 21, 2013

History of the Philippines (1965–86) entry in Wikipedia

Tomás Confesor entry in Wikipedia

Philippine hero’s birth date, in The Diary Review, January 14, 2019

5 Young Pinoy Heroes Who Did Amazing Things Nobody Talks About, in FilipiKnow, June 26, 2019

Purpose into my life, in The Diary Review, July 2, 2019

Scholarly articles

United States-led Philippine Guerrilla Organizations on Luzon and Mindanao, by Stephen N. Sams, March 1, 2015

Between Postoccupation and Postcolonial: Framing the Recent Past in the Philippine Treason Amnesty Debate, 1948, by Konrad M. Lawson, June 11, 2017

Producing Ferdinand E. Marcos, the Scholarly Author, by Miguel Paolo M. Reyes, June 2, 2018

Regulating the Opium Contract System in the Late-Spanish Philippines: The 1896 Iloilo Inspection Reports, by Ferdinand Victoria, September, 2018


MacArthur at War: World War II in the Pacific, Walter R. Borneman, Hachette, 2016

Debating Collaboration and Complicity in War Crimes Trials in Asia, 1945-1956, edited by Kerstin von Lingen, Palgrave MacMillan, 2017

Liberalism and the Postcolony: Thinking the State in 20th-Century Philippines, by Lisandro E. Claudio, NUS Press, Singapore, 2017

MacArthur’s Spies: The Soldier, the Singer, and the Spymaster Who Defied the Japanese in World War II, by Peter Eisner, Penguin Books, 2018

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