Jan. 13, 1932, Wednesday

Conferences with Vanderburg[1] and Hawes. Lunch with Osmeña, Roxas and Alunan?[2] family who arrived last night. Hawes later came to the hotel for another conference in the evening.

Called for Gloria and found Mr. Loring and Lola Loring (?) visiting Montinola.  They took her to dinner and then I escorted the two girls to the movies.

[1] Arthur H. Vandenberg (March 22, 1884-April 18, 1951) Republican Senator from Michigan 1928-1935

[2] Rafael Alunan (Dec 16,1885-May 18, 1947) – Sec for Agriculture and Commerce during Philippine Commonwealth

Jan. 12, 1932, Tuesday

Montinola is much better and will be out, I think by Friday.

Went to Mrs. Alicia Longworth[1] for tea to meet Roosevelt. It was a small affair but the Sec. of War and Gov. Davis were there.

Dined with Osmeña and Roxas in a Chinese restaurant, then a movie.

[1] Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth  (Feb 12, 1884-Feb 20, 1980) oldest child of President Theodore Roosevelt. She was an American writer and socialite. Her husband,  Nicholas Longworth III was Republican representative from Ohio and was, Speaker of the House from 1925-1931.

January 11, 1932, Monday

Went to B[ureau of].I[nsular].A[affairs]. this a.m. and met Gov. Roosevelt. [1] He is a small wiry fellow, broad grin and an evident desire to please.

Osmeña’s luncheon was held this noon at the Shoreham,  (26 covers)  and all went well. Present were (in addition to our crowd) Davies, Mrs. Davies, Gen. and Mrs.McIntyre, Miss McIntyre, Gen Parker, Gen Wickings ? Gen. and Mrs. De Lamuy?, Mrs. Hull, Miss Hull, Mr. and Mrs. Brunn ? Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Mr. Swityer ?  and R. Owen.[2] It was Gloria’s first appearance and a favorable one.

Worked all afternoon and evening. O[smeña] dropped in and we had a long chat.

The Mission was introduced to the Roosevelt this afternoon at the office of the Sec. of War.

[1] Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (Sept 13, 1887-July 12, 1944) eldest son of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, he was Governor General of the Philippines from Feb 29, 1932- July 15, 1933.

[2] Ruth Bryan Owen (Oct 2, 1885-July 26, 1954) a Democrat, was Florida’s first woman representative in the US Congress. She sat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Sat., January 9th, 1932

Spoke with Gov. Davis[1] last night and learned he was having a conference with Hoover this a.m.  Later in the a.m. it was announced that he had resigned and Roosevelt* named in his place.

Rain and snow today. Took Gloria home and dined at Guevara’s and then called on Celia Costa.

We are beginning just into shape material for hearings beginning January 15.

[1] Dwight F. Davis (July 5, 1879-Nov 28, 1945) was Governor General of the Philippines from 1929-1932.  Prior to that he also served as Secretary of War from 1923-1925. He  was also a tennis champion and is best known for established the International Lawn Tennis Challenge, later renamed the Davis Cup.

*Theodore Roosevelt Jr.

January 8, 1932, Friday

R[oxas] & O[osmeña] had an early breakfast conference with Switzer (?) today.

Davies gave his luncheon in honor of Mission at the Patio of the Ritz Carlton.  Present in addition to our crowd were Sec. Hurly, Gen. Win…(?) Gen Parker[1], Sec. McIntyre, Sen. Pittman[2], Fred Harris? and Mayor Ashbridge? – all men.

Davies told me his wife was worse than ever in health.  It means he is resigning.

[1] Homer Cling Parker (Sept 25,1885-Une 22, 1946) U.S. Representative from Georgia, Democrat

[2] Key Denson Pittman (Sept 19,1872-Nov 10, 1940)  was a US Senator (Democrat) from Nevada, became chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations.

January 7, 1932, Thursday

Faust arrived early in the a.m. and we spent the day together.

Took Gloria home in the afternoon and then rushed to dress for dinner with Sec. and Mrs. Hurley.[1] Besides the entire Mission, the others were Sen. Bingham,[2] Rep. Hare[3] and wife, Rep. Rogers[4], Owens and Kahn Kean? (last three being members from Mass, Florida and ?). & Mrs. Hull (who was my lady)

Had quite a chat with Sec. Hurley.


Sen. Hawes[5] presented his bill in the Senate today.

[1] Secretary  Patrick Hurley ( Jan 8, 1883- July 30, 1963) was US Secretary of War 1929-1933. He was a lawyer, and a member of the Republican Party.

[2] Hiram Bingham (Nov 19, 1875-June 6, 1956) an academic, explorer and politician, served as Republican US Senator from 1924-1933. He is known also for having discovered the ancient city of Machu Picchu in 1911.

[3] Butler Black Hare – (Sept 4, 1918-July 16, 1966)  Democrat, Representative of South Carolina from 1925-1933, and was chairman of the Committee on Insular Affaird  during the 72nd Congress (1932)

[4] Edith Nourse Rogers (1881-1960) Republican Representative for Massachusetts, serving for 35 years, from 1925-1961. From 1933-35 she was  on the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

[5] Harry B. Hawes (Nov. 15, 18690July 31, 1947) Democratic member of US House and Senate for Missouri.  He was the co- sponsor of the Hare-Hawes Cutting Act. Following his retirement from the senate in Feb 3, 1933 he resumed his private practice of law, and served as legal counsel  for the Philippine Commonwealth

January 6, 1932, Wednesday

Raining and muggy. On my feet all day – to M[ontinola], McIntyre[1] in the afternoon and shopping with Sabido. O[smeña] and R[oxas] and T[irona] spent the day in conferences. Took Gloria home and then returned to the hotel. R[oxas], S[abido], and F[ernandez] asked me to movies but I was too tired and so to bed.

[1] Frank McIntyre (Jan 5, 1865-Feb 16, 1944) served in the US army in the PI from 1899-1902. He was for many years with the Bureau of Insular Affairs which was responsible for the federal administration of the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico. He became its head in 1912.

January 5, 1932, Tuesday

Mission called on President Hoover,[1] then conference at House Offices including Tirona to agree on sending cable to Manila for money. More conferences in the afternoon.

In the evening, Osmeña and I took Gloria and Mrs. O[sias] to movies and the Madrillion[2]  The others played poker in 801.

[1] Herbert Hoover  (Aug 10, 1874- Oct 20, 1964) was 31st President of the United States, serving from 1929-1933.

[2] “Madrillon” was a “themed” restaurant in Washington DC popular with bankers, businessmen and Latin diplomats