April 29 Sat. 1933

Spent all day packing. OsRox arrived from NY at 5 p.m. We definitely sail for Europe next week. [End of Diary] 0

April 28 Friday 1933

Mission, Quezon, OsRox, Tir, Sab and 2 Commissioners dined with Pres. Roosevelt. Hopes for an agreement with Q are vanishing. He sails tomorrow for Europe in route  Manila and OsRox accompanied him to NY.  Our plan now is to sail home via Europe thus arriving in Mnla on same boat with Quezon et al. 0

April 26 Wednesday 1933

Saw Cutting today and he promised to talk to Murphy. Quezon saw the Sec of War today and told him of satisfactory arrangement with our Mission. The Sec War expressed extreme satisfaction. Luncheon today for Murphy who turned out to be a much more charming person than his pictures would seem to indicate.  Q in a brief speech promised cooperation …

April 25 Tuesday 1933

In conversation with Va… he (V) tells me that Q’s attitude towars the bill ws influenced not so much by its provisions but by the growing resentment towards OsRox dating as far back as early 1931 when lying in Monrovia rumours reached him that OsRox were trying to dethrone him.  OsRox mistake last year was in not going home in …

April 24 Monday 1933

CKC Jr. breakfasted with me and Vernon? at the hotel. Then drove me to town where I shopped at Spaulding and Abercrombie. We all started for Wash on the  Congressional [Limited] (except Sabido who remained behind.) In the train I spent much time with Osias, Roxas and Quezon and  Varona in a drawing room and from the conversation am convinced …

April 23 Sunday New York 1933

Rox, Sabido, Tirona, Osias and I met Quezon and party arriving on the “Ile de France.”  When Q landed, he and Rox walked away arm in arm.  Q seemed sore.  I stayed to help the others – a motley group  – and others joined Q at the Waldorf Astoria where he was openly discussing the bill with Arthur & Switzer.  …

April 22 Saturday New York 1933

Left with Rox for NY and stayed at the New Yorker Hotel — swankiest suite I’ve ever had.  Dined with Cuyugan at the H.C. and then movie at Radio City Music Hall — truly the most imposing and artistic theatre I have ever seen. 0

Dec 31 Saturday 1932

The whole gang had a New Year’s Eve party at the Shoreham – got home at 3:20. It was gay but I didn’t have a very good time. 0

Dec 30 Friday 1932

Drove to Annapolis to speak before the Filipino Club on Rizal Day. There were about 250. 0