April 4, 1916

On Friday, the 4th of April, I received a telegram from Washington that I have to go by transport to the Philippine Islands. 0

August 19-26, 1911

On the 19th of August, I went to Corregidor fortress and stayed there overnight. The next day I returned to Manila and remained there until the 26th of August. On this day, with a marvellous sunset, I bid farewell to Manila and the Philippines. I sailed to Hong Kong on the ship Juen Sang. I had bought a boat ticket …

July 5 — August 16, 1911

On the 5th of July, I began to work in the workshop, and was a foreman of the Japanese. I worked here until August 16th then left for Manila and lived in a hotel. 0

July 3, 1911

On the 3rd of April [July] I left Manila for Camp Stotsenburg in the north of Luzon Island, and found work at the H.M. Lut. Raibolt Construction Co. 0

June 26-27, 1911

On the 26th June my service duty was over, I received an excellent Army report and the next day received over 600 dollars in cash from the Paymaster. 0

May 8, 1911

On 8th of May, a number of my friends with whom I served left the Philippines, sailing on a transport steamboat towards America. 0

May 5, 1911

On the 5th of May, we were checked by the doctor and received permission to remain on the Philippine islands. 0

May 1-4, 1911

We arrived in Legazpi on Tuesday the 1st of May and sailed off in the afternoon and sailed into Manila on Wednesday afternoon at 6 o’clock of the 2nd of May, stayed overnight on the steamboat, on the second morning drove with a smaller steamboat over the Pasig river to the big Army post of Fort W. McKinley. We slept …

April 30, 1911

We arrived in Iloilo on Sunday, the 30th April at 7 o’clock in the morning and sailed off in the afternoon. 0