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About Clinton S. Maupin

About the author: Clinton S. Maupin (January 13, 1908 — October 2, 1977), Major, U.S.A. M.D.,  Oklahoma University. Later became colonel. An obituary in the February, 1978 issue of Philippine Defenders reads,

Clinton S. Maupin, Col. M.D. (ret.)

One time known as the Dean of Nuclear Medicine of the U.S. Army Medical Corps, died at his home in Waurika, Okla. on Sunday, Oct. 2, 1977, after a year’s illness. He died and lived the life of a true soldier. He is survived by his wife, Rebecca Maupin; two sons, Terrance and Bill, both of Las Vegas, Nevada and one daughter, Norilla Placak, Fountain Valley, Calif. Col. Maupin was very proud of his six grandchildren.

Col. Maupin was born Jan. 13, 1908, graduating from Waurika High School in 1926; then in 1934 received two B.S. degrees from the University of Oklahoma, in mathematics and science. Then in 1937, served his residency at the University of Oklahoma Hospital, and entered the Army in 1938. After being captured on Bataan with Hospital No. 2 personnel, survived the P.O.W. camps that followed, including the horrible trials of the Oryuku Maru sinking, and the replacement vessel which was sunk in Takao, Famosa harbour, and then nearly dying of exposure on the way to Mukden during the extreme cold of winter with practically no clothes for keeping the body warm.

While on the staff of the Surgeon General of the U.S. Army, Col. Maupin was the Special Assistant to the Surgeon General in the field of Nuclear Medicine. Col. Maupin, M.D. was the only officer to witness all the atomic bombs detonated, with the exception of the first three, the last two being Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Col. Maupin was a Life member of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor…

About the diary: Located in Box 136, Entry 1067, Philippine Archives Collection, Record Group 407, National Archives, College Park, MD. In the PVAO online collection.

The typescript is headed “Extracted from the Diary of Maj. C.S. Maupin M.C. Adjutant (Extracted fr. Book III)” with the following introduction:

Oct. 7, 1942 — This running account of events is being started at this time being a set of correlations of events extracted chiefly from the Diary of Lt. Col. Jack Schwartz, Maj. E.R. Wernitizanig, Lt. H.E. Sigrist an others together with my own memory of events and places. The accuracy of events & places may be slightly questioned as time and any description of events will be related with a strenuous effort not to indulge in exaggeration. This is not intended so much as an actual diary but a portrayal of my own impression and reactions in general.