March 22, 1901

To-day the dictator celebrates his birthday, and on this account many people have come to congratulate him.

[TRANSLATOR’S NOTE.—At this point the diary abruptly ends, Emilio Aguinaldo and his staff officers, Santiago Barcelona and Simeon A. Villa, having been captured by Brig. Gen. Frederick Funston at Palanan on March 23, 1901.—J. C. H.]

I certify that the foregoing translation, made by myself from the original Spanish, is correct.

  1. C. HIXON,
    First Lieutenant, Thirty-second Infantry, U. S. V.,
    Assistant to Officer in Charge Division of Military Information.

MANILA, P. I, June 5, 1901.

Manila, P. I., February 28, 1902.

A true copy of the original translation.

  1. H. VAN DEMAN,
    Captain, Twenty-first United States Infantry,
    In charge of Military information.

March 16, 1901

Having had news that the Americans will come by sea, the honorable dictator went out this morning to examine the place for a sentry station, which is situated on top of the mountain ridge, and which commands a fine view of the sea.

He also visited the place called Sabang, in order to see the fish traps he had ordered constructed there.

March 7, 1901

The honorable dictator received a letter from Señor Apolinario Mabini, dated the 22d of November, 1900, transmitting messages from the American generals, MacArthur and Bell, to the effect that our independence can not be conceded, and that the honorable dictator may retire to Manila under conditions of his having to live at the palace in Malacañang with MacArthur.

As to himself, Señor Mabini inquires of the honorable dictator whether he will have to advocate independence or autonomy, seeing that McKinley is already reelected.

January 16, 1901

At 9 a.m. an ordinary court-martial convened at headquarters to hear and determine the case of the soldier, Luis Novicio, charged with committing abuses under menace of armed force. The court was composed of the following persons: Colonel Villa, of the staff; Capt. Tomas Magsarile, prosecuting attorney; “Capt. Santos Baltazar,” counsel for accused; Second Lieut. Medina (Calisto), judge-advocate, and the following voting members: Capt. Teodoro Dayao, Capt. Miguel Santos, Maj. Nasario Alhambra, Second Lieut. Basilio Palameg.

The trial resulted in the soldier, Luis Novicio, being convicted and sentenced to six years’ imprisonment.

December 31, 1900

In order to take leave of the nineteenth century and the old year and to welcome the new year and the new century, the honorable president invited to his house all the leading men of Palanan and the officers of his escort, as well as the charming lady dancers of this town.

The entertainment commenced at 7 o’clock in the evening with dances and rigadoons. About 11.30 o’clock all sat down at the table to eat supper, and when it struck 12 the band played the national air. After supper the honorable president and all the officers proposed toasts. When all this was over, dances and rigadoons commenced again and lasted till 4 o’clock in the morning, when the guests dispersed.

August 30, 1900

We left that place at 6 a.m. and returned to the woods near Alabaddabad, arriving at 8, m., and placing ourselves in its interior. Many Christians from Casiguran came to this woods to pay their respects to us, some of them telling us that the Americans who were at Ambabu had already returned to Maluno, while others said that another hostile column had arrived at Ambatuan.

We spent the night in this woods, but all were on the alert for fear of a surprise, since we were within one hour’s march of Ambatuan.