About Augusto Caesar Espiritu

About the author: Augusto Caesar Espiritu. Lawyer and Economist. Editor of the Philippine Collegian. Admitted to the Bar, March 20, 1957. Delegate to the 1971-73 Constitutional Convention. Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany. Author of Parliamentary Government, Volume 18, Issue 1 of Studies on the evolution of eighteen fundamental ideas in the 1973 constitution; Volume 1 of The Evolution of fundamental ideas in the 1973 Constitution, U.P. Law Center, 1976.

About the diary: This diary was published as How Democracy Was Lost; a Political Diary of the 1971-1972 Constitutional ConventionNew Day, Quezon City, 1993. (ISBN: 9711005336), now out of print.

Readers are urged to consult the original publication, which includes introductory and other notes.

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