diary |ˈdīərē|

noun ( pl. diaries )

a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences: I resolved to keep a diary of events during the war.

• a datebook.

ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from Latin diarium, from dies ‘day.’

This project aims to make diaries written by both famous and unknown Filipinos, and foreigners writing about the Philippines, available to the public. It is a non-profit site. As much as possible, diaries that are out of print,  released only in limited print runs, or or which were published online in defunct websites, have been included in order to more fully disseminate those diaries. This diary also features diaries that have never been published either in part or in full. Diaries made available in digital copies in institutional sites, whether libraries or archives, have also been included.

We welcome committed volunteers and those willing to lend assistance scanning, encoding, and proofreading entries.

This site was set up in April, 2008 and is owned, and managed, by Manuel L. Quezon III. It transferred from WordPress to its own domain in September, 2013.


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