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About Edward P. King

About the author: Edward Postell King (July 4, 1884 – August 31, 1958), Major General, U.S.A. Born, Atlanta GA. Made Brigadier General and sent to the Philippines in 1940. Head of artillery at the outbreak of the war, made commander of USAFFE (later USFIP) troops in Bataan, March 11, 1942. Was held as P.O.W. for three and a half years, liberated in Mukden. See the biographical sketch in the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor website.

About the diary: Typescript. The portion reproduced in The Philippine Diary Project only covers the dates April 9, 1942 to August 12, 1942, from the surrender of Bataan to King’s departure from the Philippines en route to Taiwan (Formosa).