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About Andres Soriano

About the author: Andres Soriano y Roxas (February 8, 1898 – December 30, 1964). During World War II he was appointed Treasurer of the Philippines from February 19, 1942 until March 26, 1942, then a Secretary without Portfolio in the War Cabinet from March 2 to 26, 1942, and then Secretary of Secretary of Finance, Agriculture, and Commerce on March 26, 1942, serving in that capacity until July 31, 1944.

About the diary: Found among the personal and wartime papers of Manuel L. Quezon (Quezon Family Collection), the manuscript is the personal diary of the author, who provided President Quezon a copy for the purpose of writing his memoirs, which were eventually published as The Good Fight (Appleton-Century, 1946). The diary is written in Spanish.