Day 31, 22 Oct. 1945 Manila Bay

Arrived Manila Bay at 0800… to anchorage; we went in to Pier 15 at 1800 and began to debark at 2000 and were done at 2145.

Got the mail… 4 letters from Louise, and one from the war dept. saying I was made Captain on 25 September… 17 months after becoming 1st Lt… hope that is not indicative of poor work… but may be. I’m glad it came through. Had Sullivan pin my new Bars.

They say that we will load and leave tomorrow.

Day 33, 24 Oct. 1945 at sea

0900 Devotional…

Most of the day was spent in trying to get things organized. Sea quite rough; we are going north around the noth point of Luzon. Hope it doesn’t get worse; lots of people sich [sick].

Had some men working on the speaker all day, but it can’t be fixed, so we will have no pictured this trip.

The EM are sore because Bos. told them that they could not talk to the Nurses… the Nurses are sore about it too… so that will add to the problems. The Major was drunk last nite, and after ordering all the girls to be in by 2300, took Capt. Polly down below, right past all the EM at 0145. Nice going.

Day 32, 23 Oct. 1945 Manila

Advance Party came aboard at 0815. Sullivan and I went ashore to get speaker repaired and films exchanged; spent all day being run from one place to another; it would seem that the Army and Navy were representing diff. countries; I have never seen so much of a mess, or downright inefficiency all in one place. Thought we finally had a speaker… after calling the HQ of WESPAC, but no go; Capt. Timothy really gave me a bad time. At least I earned my raise in pay today!!

Embarked 1047 people. 84 Nurses among them. We got away at 1700. Had a talk with the Maj. today; but don’t think it did much good. Bos really cut a swath with the girls tonite… they hate him… looks like trouble ahead.

Day 30, 21 Oct. 1945

0930 General Service on deck; 150 att.

Hosp. service at 1030… 52 att.

CH Moscinski held mass this afternoon… 44 att.

Things are really fouled up. I told WWJ and Bos what I thought of them today, but got no rise out of either of them… a lovely day…

The night was perfect… at least there is some enjoyment in being on the bridge at nite and enjoying the quiet.

Day 29, 20 October 1945

1000 devotional

A lovely day. But the ship is a mess; not enuf well people to keep it clean. Making good time.

Spent some time on the flying bridge tonite; it was beautiful. Full moon, warm breeze, and a calm sea.

Things generally quiet, but Bos was going worse than usual. Not much help this time. Morgan still sits around as though he were a passenger.

Day 19, 10 October 1945 –Manila Bay

We pulled out into the stream at 0700 with instructions that we were to return at 1700 to embark troops.

At 1530 they signaled for the Capt. to go in and get routing instructions. He returned shortly with orders to proceed immediately to Okinawa to get Hospital patients whose hospital was destroyed by a typhoon. They sent three Doctors and 27 Medics aboard. at 1845 upped anchor and took off; at 1930, we blew the main steam line and anchored just beyond Corregidor; the chief says it will take until morning to get it repaired and get underway again.

I was going in to town, but it rained, so I stayed aboard; good thing I did, as the Chief Steward got left behind, and we have a soldier who came out to see the First Engineer, still on board

Guess they are sending us to Okinawa because we did not pull out from the pier last evening; however, it should prove interesting… another letter from Louise today.

Day 18, 9 October 1945 –Manila Bay

We came into Pier 15 at about 1300: a steel Pontoon pier; didn’t take long to debark troops.

The AAF men got into trucks, and the AGF fellows got into an LST and took off.

The Marine Shark was loading on the other side of the pier when we came in; didn’t finish until 2100; about 3500 embarked. What a busy, bustling, and noisy place this is. Trucks, jeeps, and men all hurrying and busy everywhere.

Noticed a Red Cross Girl standing on the pier, giving every person embarking on the Shark a pack of Cigs… she was smiling all the time; tho it was hot and noisy and must have been tiresome work.

Went to see the Chaplain at Base X. Poor set-up here it seems. No one knows where anything else is; he would do nothing for me, as he said “we don’t have anything to do with TC Chaplains.”

Walked part way up town just to look around. There were still lots of trucks hurrying everywhere over bad roads. Wreckage everywhere. Another letter from Louise today.

Day 17, 8 October 1945 –Manila Bay

Arrived in Manila early this AM; I got up at 0715 and we were just passing Corregidor. The Bay is full os [of] ships; I counted over 200 just around our anchorage at 0930.

Went into Manila this PM at 1300 and got back at 1630. What little I saw, Manila is a dirty, scared, and broken city and in utter confusion. What a mess it is; they say it used to be the most beautiful city in the Orient; today it is a wreck. Tried to get some films exchanged, but the Army won’t let us have them on ships, as the Navy takes care of ships…

How many people there were in the city. Many soldires [soldiers] and sailors, but hundreds of people… little people, victims of war. The US will have to help rebuild the PI…

Many shops selling souvenirs, but they are so high priced… Two letters from Louise… hope there will be more tomorrow… Looks like we will take on a new load and go right back to SF.

We will stay out here at anchorage all night.

Day 16, 7 Oct. 1945

0930 Service… 450 att. Rosary. 85…

1045 We saw LAND to Starboard. Land about 55 miles away. looked awfully good after not seeing any since leaving Farllone [Farallon] Islands.

1430 …Observed WORLD WIDE COMMUNION. 125 att. and all partook. Lovely service; the weather was perfect and sea calm… (Intincture method)… hit a reef during prayer of consecration! Capt. C will never live it down. …The Islands look lovely… Gorgeous sunset!