Mon 29 (July), 1901

Hot day. Arrived in Manila a ten oclock, Capt. came & met me, and looked after my baggage. Came to the Del Monico hotel, capt. staid to lunch & dinner, and all night, this is a terrible poor place, for $150 per month, nothing worse than these Spaniards & Filipinos. 0

Sun 28 (July), 1901

Nice day good cool breeze, feel better to day, staid on deck all day, do not go in dining room at all meals brought up. 0

Sat 27 (July), 1901

Nice day. Sick all day but had a very comfortable place to lie in steamer chair. 0

Fri 26 (July), 1901

Raining some & hot, did some errands this a.m. This p.m. went on board the Longsang for Manila sailed at 5. p.m.  boat very comfortable. 0

Thurs 25 (July), 1901

Hot. Did our final shopping and packing in Hong Kong. 0