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About Joseph Stilwell

About the author: Joseph Warren Stilwell (March 19, 1883 – October 12, 1946), General, U.S.A.

About the diary: Part of the Stilwell Papers in the Hoover Institution, the Diaries of General Joseph W. Stilwell cover the years 1900-1946. The Philippine Diary Project contains the following portion of his dairy:

  1. Transcript 2, 1904: Stilwell graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point on June 15, 1904, and was assigned to the 12th Infantry in the Philippine Islands. From mid-June to mid-September he was on graduation leave and traveled to the West coast. From mid-September to November 7, 1904, he was en route to Camp Jossman, Guimaras, Philippine Islands, traveling aboard the USAT Sheridan. Stilwell finished the year at Camp Jossman. The Philippine Diary Project contains the entries from Saturday, October 1, 1904 (departure of transport) to Friday, December 31, 1904, the end of this portion of the diary.
  2. Transcript 3, 1905: Stilwell spent 1905 stationed at Camp Jossman, Guimaras, Philippine Islands as part of the 12th Infantry. He was in the field, Samar, Philippine Islands, on February 3, 1905. January 1, 1905 — December 31, 1905
  3.  Transcript 4, 1906: Stilwell started 1906 with the 12th Infantry, Philippine Islands. In April he returned to the US, took leave, and then traveled to West Point. In August he became an instructor at the Department of Modern Languages, US Military Academy, where he finished out the year The Philippine Diary Project has used only the Philippine portion of this diary, January 1, 1906 — April 16, 1906. 
  4. Transcript 10, 1911: In January 1911 Stilwell traveled to the Philippines aboard the USAT Sherman. He was stationed at Fort William McKinley, Philippine Islands, with Company D, 12th Infantry. He took leave in Japan and China from mid-September to mid-December 1911. This diary, one of three for 1911, focuses on his time in the Philippines.This diary is one document, with no dates.
  5. Transcript 16, 1920: For the first half of 1920 Stilwell was a Chinese language student at the University of California, Berkeley. He spent the summer on leave. In August he boarded the USAT Madawaska to Manila, then traveled on to China. He spent the rest of the year studying Chinese in Beijing. The Philippine Diary Project contains the Philippine portion of the diary, from his departure from Hawaii on Friday, August 13, 1920 to Thursday, September 14, 1920, having left Luzon.
  6. Transcript 26, 1935:Stilwell was on reserve duty in San Diego, California, at the opening of 1935. In April he took leave and traveled to San Francisco. On June 5 he was en route to China on the USAT Grant. On July 7 he reported as Military Attaché to China and Siam, in Beijing, China. By the time he left this post in 1939 he had made 26 field trips within China and Siam (Thailand). The Philippine Diary Project contains only the Philippine portion of his travels, from Monday, November 4, 1935, preparing to leave for Manila, to Saturday, November 16, 1935, departure from Manila.
  7. Transcript 32, 1939: Stilwell started 1939 as the Military Attaché to China and Siam, in Beijing, China. In May he took leave and traveled for several months in Indo-China, Siam, Malay, Java, and the Philippines, before boarding the USAT Grant on July 24 to return to the United States. Upon arrival in the US in August he took more leave, after which he reported as commander, 3rd Brigade, at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. In October he became Infantry Commander, 2nd Division, at Fort Sam Houston. The Philippine Diary Project contains only the Philippine portion of his travels, from arrival to departure, July 3-24, 1939.