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About Warren A. Starr

About the author: Warren A. Starr, Captain, 60th C.A. (A.A.), U.S.A., Battery Commander
“H” Battery on Corregidor.

Don Jose: An American Soldier’s Courage and Faith in Japanese Captivity by Ezequiel L. Ortiz, James A. McClure on p. 144 contains a Battery Roster for Battery H 60th CA (AA) with the following information:

  1. Captain Warren A Starr-0305163, Battery Commander, Called from The Reserves at Fort Stevens Oregon May 5, 1941. Allotment of $300 to wife, Faye C. Starr, 491 West 3″ North, Logan, Utah, Allotment of $7.00 per month to insurance, $10,000 insurance. Battery Hartford, Corregidor, Prisoner of war at 92nd CA at Corregidor, Bilibid, Manila, Cabanatuan #1, Luzon, P.I. Left on detail to Japan 9/10/43. At Tsumori and Oyeama camps in Japan. Liberated from Oeyama 8/15/45. mentions that,

Captain Starr survived the War, received a Silver Star and Bronze Star and became a Professor at Washington State University at Yakima, Washington.

Profiles in the History of the U.S. Soil Survey, edited by Douglas Helms, Anne B. W. Effland, Patricia J. Durana mentions that Warren Starr was professor of soil science in that university.

Two articles by him can be found online:

“Hartford,” Battery “H” 60th Coast Artillery A.A. Warren A. Starr.

My Years with the Military, Warren A. Starr.

About the diary: Found among the papers of George W. Pearcy as “Capt. Starr’s Notes & Diary (Very Limited) With Remarks By Me,” covering the period September 4-28, 1942. The diary is in pencil, in the handwriting of Pearcy, numbering thirteen pages, although the entries are only on the first six pages, the other pages being blank. No other information is provided. The identification of Capt. Warren A. Starr as the author is assumed from the rank of the “Capt. Starr” mentioned as the author. (For more information on George W. Pearcy, see his About the Author page in The Philippine Diary Project.)