Monday, Oct. 23d, 1899

[2d. Battle of Lecheria Hill or Calamba.]

Left here with Company at 3.45 fording San Juan. Crossed bridge 4.30 a.m. Struck & surprised enemy little after five. Hot skirmish for hour and a half. Corp’l Elliott only man wounded in my Company. Had my hat shot off and bunch of hair taken out by Mauser. Returned to town 10 .a.m.

Sunday, Oct. 15th, 1899

The Napidan hailed today near Santa Rosa by two Spanish Filipino officers who desired to know why troops had not been sent to receive surrender, upon being set on shore again they returned to S.R. but came running back in short time stating that all their brother officers, seven in number and all Spaniards had just been murdered by their troops for the attempted surrender of which they were now aware. No comment on the action or lack of action of our C.O. is necessary here.

Tuesday, Oct. 3d, 1899

[Battle of Lecheria Hill or Calamba.]

Heavy firing began about 10.45 this morning on right of our line. While at dinner the firing began from Lecheria Hill (1300 yds from B Co’s position). Hall moved out to right of hill, I to left, both firing by volleys & advancing. Took hill where we were fire’d on by the enemy, about 100 strong, well intrenched to our west. We fired numerous volleys at them from 12 to 16 hundred yards, doing at least some execution. We had one man, L. Co. slightly wounded. About 5 p.m. my co. & one platoon of L. was withdrawn from hill which ought & probably will now be held as our south outpost. Till 4 the firing was hot on our entire right & center & we had 2 men killed & several wounded.