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About Rufus M. Jones

About the author: Rufus Matthew Jones (January 25, 1863 — June 16, 1948) Quaker leader, philosopher, magazine editor, writer and educator at Haverford College. A fuller biography can be found in Rufus M. Jones Papers.

About the diary: Found in Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections, TriCollege Libraries Digital Collections, Rufus M. Jones papers: Rufus M. Jones Diary, 1926. The biographical note states,

In 1926, he was scheduled to give the quadrennial lecture of the National Council (Y.M.C.A.) in China. He also was in Japan and visited with Japanese Quakers, speaking also with Viscount Shibusawa on Nippon-American relations. His lectures, published as Religion and Life, gave the basic structure of his philosophy. In China he was in Tai-Shan (where he saw Henry Hodgkin for retreat and study), then Peking where he met with Wellington Koo and met the Chinese Cabinet. He also met with ex-premier W.W. Yen; then on to Tientsiu, Nanking, Lingnan where he visited with his brother-in-law, William Warder Cadbury, proceeding on to Manila, Singapore, Ceylon and India.

The Philippine Diary Project contains a portion of his October 29, 1926 entry and his entry for October 31, 1926, which he devotes to his October 27-28 visit to Manila.