Dairies by Occupation of Diarists

Diaries according to the occupation of the authors and the time they were writing their diaries:

Clergy, Spanish

Clergy, Filipino

Amado L. Picardal

Explorers, Spanish

Explorers, British

William Dampier

Housewives, American

Ethel Thomas Herold

Natalie Crouter

Housewives, Filipino

Aurora A. Quezon

Ladies, Single

Anonymous American Lady

Consuelo Ortiga y Rey

Harriet Low


John E.T. Milsaps

Herman K. Beaber


Officials, American

Dean C. Worcester

Francis Burton Harrison

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Lady Bird Johnson

Officials, Filipino

Jorge B. Vargas

Manuel L. Quezon

Antonio de las Alas

Paulino Santos

Leon Ma. Guerrero

Officials, Spanish


Prisoners of War, American

Prisoners of War, Filipino

Apolinario Mabini

Soldiers, American

Dwight D. Eisenhower

John J. Pershing

John P. Horan IV

Joseph Stilwell

William Herman Wilhelm

John Henry Asendorf

Soldiers, British

Soldiers, Filipino

Venancio Concepcion

Leocadio de Asis

Felipe Buencamino III

Soldiers, French

Soldiers, German

German Reservist in Manila

Soldiers, Japanese


Jessica Hagedorn