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Diary of Ike Thomas


2 additional patients transferred to Santo Tomas, 1 Medical Department Sgt. Placed on DS at Santo Tomas (wife there). 108 patients not able to make… Read More »2/10/45


Reorganization well under way. Rosters about completed. Records show that on Feb. 6, 88 patients were transferred to Santo Tomas which is better equipped to… Read More »2/9/45


Reorganization of hospital as it was before the evacuation. Water pressure extremely low, finally no water. Rations and water requisitioned from Santo Tomas. Philippine Civilian… Read More »2/7/45


At 6:00 AM opened hospital headquarters at the Ang Tibay shoe factory, and awaited orders. Ward surgeons and corpsmen continued to care for the patients… Read More »2/6/45


Members of the Battalion of the 148th infantry, 7th division, which came in yesterday evening, visited with us all day. Strangely, they seemed to be happier to… Read More »2/5/45


The sound of tanks running, artillery firing, and small arms explosions continued unabated until about 2AM. The fires burned until everything was burned up. Great clouds of… Read More »2/4/45


A very bright-red red letter day! Everything went along as usual, performance of routine duties, exchanging of rumors; evening chow, and then—six American planes flying… Read More »2/3/45


Pvt Straubel (U S Army) died of dysentery and malnutrition. Very heavy explosions in and around Manila all during the day. About 10:30 PM, a series… Read More »2/2/45