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About Louise Fillmore Blancaflor

About the author: Louise Fillmore Blancaflor, born in Troy, New York. Married a Filipino doctor, Cornel Blancaflor.

About the diary: As the author herself wrote on September 1, 1985:

This diary was started at the outbreak of the American-Japanese War on December 8, 1941 (Dec. 7 in the U.S.). It began as a letter to my mother in the United States, and evolved into a diary of day-to-day events.

For those family members and friends who were part of the events, it will serve as a reminder of the times we shared — the anxieties, dangers, and a few good times as well.

For the grandchildren and future generation, it will give an insight into three and a half years of life under very difficult times with an uncertain future.

In spite of our ordeal, we all survived — thank God for His help and protection — and for making it possible for me to give this story a happy ending.

The text of this diary was generously shared with The Philippine Diary Project by the daughter of the author, Yvonne Marwende. She has published it as World War II Family Odyssey. WhiteFlower Publications, (Third Ed. Revised), 2017. Readers are encouraged to buy the book, which is beautifully illustrated.