July 2-3, 1928

Mrs. Aurora Quezon Booklet 6



In Sta. Monica we took our lunch in Casa del Mar Club. We all enjoyed the exibition of the latest stayel of deferent dresses by beautiful models, girls of diferent age. Nonong especially enjoyed it the most. After lunch we went to seat on the swing alone the beach where my children played the sand, they were beared footed.


July third, Tuesday morning we all went to Sta. Monica Beach invited by Mrs. Schiffbower. Return to Monrovia the same day afternoon. One afternoon, it was Monday the 2nd of July my husband and myself went around Huntington and went to Huntington Hotel for dinner but having very poor dinner that night we decided to ho back and have it in Monrovia.

June 30, 1928

Mrs. Aurora Quezon Booklet 5



In going to Pomona I used our own car Lincold. driver: Fernando Santos. It took us time to find the Pomona station.


My husband returned from Huston Texas June 30 — 1928. I went to meet him in Pomona Calif. We went to see the Montgomery Ward in that city. Then left for Monrovia, arriving 4. P.M.

My husband went to Huston for the Democratic Convention where he succeeded in puting the Immediate absolute independence of the Philippines.

June 19-June 23, 1928

Mrs. Aurora Quezon Booklet 4



We stoped in Aztec Hotel, Monrovia Califf.

In Holy wood we stoped at Holywood Hotel.

In Long Beach, Califf. we stoped in Pacific Cost Club Bld. Philipino residents handed me a beautiful buquet of American beauty. We were guest of honor for luncheon by Baron and Mrs. Robert Waller. Mameng, my children, and Fernando were with us in our Lingcoln.


Went to Holywood arriving 10:15 June/19/28. Left Holy wood the next morning 9:20 6/20/1928 arriving Long Beach 10:10 A.M.

Left Long Beach 4:45 P.M. June 20/1928 arriving again Aztec Hotel 6:25 p.m.

June 23rd 1928 Nonong’s birthday the party was celebrated in Bebeco’s house. My husban left for Huston and I was sick so both of us were absent. His second birthday.

May 15-June 17, 1928

Mrs. Aurora Quezon Booklet 3


In Kansas the first one to join me was Mr. Augusto C. Gonzalez, arriving there Friday night May 4/1928. He left May Thursday on 8:40 a.m./10/1928.

The second one to join me was Mr. Jose Guevara Jr. arriving Kansas 9:30 p.m./May/9/1928

Miss Aurea Labrador is the nurse traveling with me.



to Mrs. MacLeland’s state house 71st and Hohner Kansas City Mo. Paid the house for 500 dollars from May 15 to June 15.

Left Kansas 8:40 a.m. June 15/1928. Arived Albaquerque the next day 8:40 a.m. Left Albaquerque 15 minutes after and arrived Monrovia 8:25 a.m. June 17/1928.

Miss Carmen Peña, Miss Rufina Sarmiento and Mr. Fernando Santos were also traveling with us.

April 29-May 14, 1928

Mrs. Aurora Quezon Booklet 2


In Philadelphia I was operated by Dr. W. Noris, atended by Dr. Macgugan and Dr. A.G. Sison was present. My day duty nurse is Mrs. Wiliamson night duty nurs is Mrs. Dorothy Ellsy,

In Kansas City Mo. first attending Dr. was Dr. Owen Macferson. My permament doctor: Dr. Consingo Grifith, recommended by by Mrs. Frank Bernardiu.


left Philadelphia 8:05 p.m. April 29/1928

arived Chicago 2:05 p.m. April 30/1928 left Chicago 8:15 p.m.

Arrived Kansas City Mo. 8:20 a.m. May 1st 1928.

I was exausted the whole night, I had to get off the train for Muelhbach Hotel and stayed there for fourteen (14) days, on the night of fourteen my husband and children joined me. We moved