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About Alessandro Malaspina

About the author: Alessandro Malaspina  (November 5, 1754 – April 9, 1810) explorer from Tuscany in the service of Spain. Undertook the Malaspina Expedition (1789–1794) transiting from Spain to Alaska and then to the Pacific.

About the diary: Published as Malaspina, Alessandro, and Andrew David. 2001. The Malaspina Expedition, 1789-1794: journal of the voyage by Alejandro Malaspina. Works Issued by the Hakluyt Society, London: Hakluyt Society in association with Museo Naval, Madrid. Specifically, v. 2. Panama to the Philippines. 2003 and v. 3. Manila to Cadiz. 2004, which contain the entries of Malaspina from March 4, to December 5, in 1792 (his arrival at, and departure from, the Philippines).