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About Anthropological Diary on the Aeta

About the authors: Nives Ličen, university of Ljubljana; Katja Lihtenvalner, Solidarity Tracks; Vesna Podgornik, university of Ljubljana.

For the purposes of The Philippine Diary Project they are collectively listed as Slovenian Anthropologists.

About the diary: Entries in LIČEN, Nives, LIHTENVALNER, Katja and PODGORNIK, Vesna, 2012, The non-formal education and migration of the Aeta, an indigenous tribe in the Philippines. Anthropological notebooks [online]. 2012. Vol. 3, no. 18, p. 25–40. [Accessed 27 January 2021]. Retrieved

In their paper, the authors stated that,

During a three-month stay in the Philippines, we observed life in the community and kept a diary (a field diary and a diary of reflections).