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About Denny Williams

About the author: Maude “Denny” Denson Williams (July 28, 1907 — April 27, 1997), American nurse-anesthetist. Member of the Army Nurse Corps before and after the war. The blurb of her book To the Angels says

After six years of duty at the Army hospital, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, she volunteered for duty in the Philippines. There, she, her husband, a member of the Texaco staff in the Philippines, and thousands of other Americans were trapped when World War II broke out. After being taken prisoner by the occupying forces, she continued her services as a nurse in the internment camp.

She (re)joined the U.S. military after World War II, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel upon her retirement.

About the diary: Listed as Mrs WR Williams Diary Nurse in the Philippine Archive Collection, POWs & Civilian Internees Section, Box No. 143B. The diary begins December 8, 1941 and ends December 10, 1944. Additional documents included in the manuscript, such as reports of the various committees in Santo Tomas internment camp to which the author belonged, have not been included in The Philippine Diary Project.