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About André Bellessort

About the author: André Bellessort (March 19, 1866 — January 22, 1942) French poet, essayist, translator, historian; member of the Académie française.

About the diary: Originally in En Escale (de Ceylan aux Philippines), Perrin, 1900, 1927. An English version was published as One week in the Philippines (November 1897) by André Bellessort; translated from the French by E. Aguilar Cruz, Manila: National Historical Institute, 1987. According to the translator, the edition used was “…[T]he last chapter of the book From Ceylon to the Philippines … edition used by the Translator dated 1911, and the copyright year being 1910.” The Philippine Diary Project omits the introductory portion of the section, as it is undated.