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About Horace P. Hobbs

About the author: Horace P. Hobbs, awarded the Distinguished Service Cross in 1905 for atction in Jolo. USAHEC in a post noted that,

Lt. Horace P. Hobbs joined the 17th Infantry Regiment in 1899 and spent a lot of time in the Philippines during the Philippine Insurrection. He recorded his experiences in which his son compiled into the book, “Kris and Krag.”

About the diary: Scanned copy at U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center at Carlisle Barracks, Diary of a Campaign in the Philippine Islands, composed of a typescript, and scans of an envelope (“Diary Philippine Insurrection Angeles to Tarlac Nov. 5 to 14, 1899 2d Lt. H.P. Hobbs, 17th Inf. U.S.A.) and original manuscript. The typescript begins with this note:

NOTE: This is copied from a few handwritten pages in the form of a diary, describing action against the Philippine Insurrectos on the lsland of Luzon north of Manila in November 1899. Colonel Horace P. Hobbs was then a lieutenant in command of Co. “K,” 17th Infantry. I think this was his first battle. H.P.H., Jr.

“H.P.H. Jr.” is, presumably, the author’s son, Horace P. Hobbs Jr.