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About Thomas H. Hayes

About the author: Thomas H. Hayes , Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy; captured on Corregidor where he had been Regimental Surgeon, 4th Marines; imprisoned in Old Bilibid Prison, Manila from July 2, 1942 until December 13, 1944; he became chief surgeon in in October, 1943. Perished on the prison ship Oryoku Maru in 1945. Posthumously awarded the Legion of Merit.

About the diary: Kept in a series of notebooks and hidden in Bilibid when the author was sent to Japan.

Diary excerpts for July 4, 28, 30, August 24, 1942, January 2, 1943 in the HistoryNet feature, In the Company of Ghosts. The diary was published as Bilibid Diary: The Secret Notebooks of Commander Thomas Hayes, POW the Philippines 1942-45, Hamden, Conn.,Archon Books, 1987.