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About Wendell Fertig

About the author: Wendell Fertig (December 16, 1900 – March 24, 1975)American mining engineer, reserve officer, and guerrilla leader in Mindanao.

See Historical record, Mindanao guerrilla resistance movement, Tenth Military District, from 16 Sept 1942 to 30 June 1945 for his own account of his activities in Mindanao.

About the diary:

Wendell Fertig, Fertig Diary, October 27 1944, Wendell W. Fertig Papers, Diary, 1943-1945, Message Traffic intelligence Summaries Later Conference, Box 1 of 2, The United States Army Heritage and Education Center Archives, Ridgeway Hall, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.

Entries taken from the dissertation of James Kelly Morningstar.