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Diary of Capt. Lohr

April 8, 1942

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Retreating forces is continous. The Japanese still continue there gains of territories. Planes continue dropping dbomb at us. We are preparing for order to retreat.… Read More »April 8, 1942

April 7, 1942

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Japanese forces have advanced to north of Limay. Everybody in the sector become lonesome about our bad situation. We were all at alert and ready… Read More »April 7, 1942

April 6, 1942

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Early at dawn Japanese over Pampanga to Cavite made there activities of fire crackers and flares more active this day. Also their artillery’s and Air… Read More »April 6, 1942

April 5, 1942

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At about 2 p.m. Japanese barges come again. They shelled the bay area of Limay and Lamao going northward. Perhaps they’re now attempting to make… Read More »April 5, 1942

April 4, 1942

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The Japanese are trying hard to take Bataan. There are planes dominating the skies of this unfortunate Bataan province. Artillery shells reaching now as far… Read More »April 4, 1942

April 1, 1942

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American transport are reported to he in the Philippine waters now. Perhaps they’re here now, ’cause at 10:00 a. m. last March 31st they left… Read More »April 1, 1942