Sunday Oct. 8, 1944

Thinking again of my darlings. I pray to God that this terrible war will be over soon and I can go back to the people I love. There are many rumors and we are all hoping for the best. It has been 16 days since we have seen any of our planes, and 18 day since the first. It seems like ages tho, but that is because we are anxious. I’ll quit today thinking of my dearest loves.

Mr. Frank Kriwanek — St. Louis — R & Hotel Supply Bus. Accounting Firm


[The diary ends here]

Sunday Oct. 1, 1944

This starts a new month and we all hope that it will be a big one. Every one is expecting to see our troops this month. I am very optimistic. I dream every night of my darlings, and pray that I get to see them again this year. I am so tired of all this. Last night there was some shooting near here, and the garrisson was called out I hope the prices didn’t got too optimistic and get hurt. Well anyway we shall see. Received a letter from my darling Valree, and one from the Dallas a.m. Calb.

Sunday, Sept. 24, 1944

Well, we got another, cut in our rations, but we have expected that, also our commissary prices have more than doubled and triphed [tripled] this last week. I don’t expect to be able to buy anything with this Jap money in another week haven’t seen any more of our planes in the last 24 hrs, but don’t expect anymore with they are on their way in. Guesses to when they will be is from 6 days to 6 months. I wish I could get another letter. Bob Barlando came down to see me today. He raved about Bonnie’s picture. He is one swell guy.

Thursday 9-21-44

Today is a red letter day. I saw American planes over. More than 100 flew over this a.m. at 9:30. Came back over at 10:30. Then at noon some bombing and shooting heard down the road from here and something set on fire. About the same time I got a letter from my darling wife dated July 8, 1943. Oh! my darling, how I hope I’ll be able to be with you all soon. I love you so much. I am still in the dysentery ward and am now taking quinine again. My Edema is going down now, and of the excitement this a.m. my spirits are going up.

Mon. Sept. 18, 1944

Another week started –Rumors are slow. Nothing from Europe lately. I am still in dysentery ——. Start stools today. Orta, Easley, Mitchell & Agualter came down to see me yesterday. Col. Talley and I have had some nice talks since I have been here. Johnnie & I quan together. He got a letter from Jerry saying that Vic (that foreflasher) had been by. I am sure proud of my picture of Bonnie Belle. I show it to everyone.