7 July 1943

[Describing the UST Education Building:] The corridor benches … are mostly occupied by old men, holding forth on the latest gossip… [in the foyer] clouds of smoke, bridge or chess tables, around each of which, seated or standing, are a good half dozen onlookers. 0

14 January 1942

[Describing UST internment camp:] …women in slacks, wearing lipstick … walking around as though they were in a fashionable spa. Some [internees are] clean, well dressed, anxious not to ‘let things go.’ Others slovenly, men unshaved, women with their hair undone. 0

2 January 1942

[People] burn their papers, hide what is possible to hide, pour … bottles of whisky down the sink, so that the Japanese, when they come, will stay sober. They wait, telephoning each other to have the latest news, or to give each other last minute advice, fearing the worst. 0