Dec. 17, 1944

As we passed close down the coast of an island, the dense lush foliage suddenly opened up to reveal a barrio. Its white church and school were striking in their contrast with the solid green jungle background. 0

Dec. 16, 1944

Took on fuel from COLORADO. Departed Sulu Sea. 0

Dec. 15, 1944

Four air attacks last night; five today. Thirty enemy shot down, mostly by fighters. Supported landing at San Jose, Mindoro. An enemy twin engine suicide plane passed from port to starboard (unengaged) at director level just forward of the bridge. I could see the pilot clearly. It hit the water just beyond us as it went for a carrier. One …

Dec. 14, 1944

Three air attacks so far. About 20 enemy shot down, mostly by fighters. Serving as plane guard at end of carrier column. Due to very heavy seas on landing, one plane turned over on flight deck and two bounced off into water. We picked up one. 0

Dec. 13, 1944

Arrived Sulu Sea. HARADEN (DD S85) had no. one stack blown off by suicide plane. Several killed and injured (reported). 0

Dec. 2, 1944

Shortly after midnight, entered Ormoc Bay. Finding no enemy, continued north. At about 0182, float plane approached column from astern. SIGOURNEY apparently challenged it with signal light (which we couldn’t have seen). The plane then began signaling with the same challenge (rather than the proper reply) as it moved up the column on the starboard side. Although incorrect, it was …

Dec. 1, 1944

Left screen and proceeded to San Pedro Bay off Tacloban. ComDesDiv 44 attended conference with Commander Task Force (CTF) 77 in WASATCH (AGC 9). Took on fuel from ARETHUSA (IX 135). ComDesDiv 44 then held conference in CONWAY of Division ships’ CO’s. In evening, Destroyer Division 44 (DesDiv 44), composed of CONWAY, CONY, EATON, and SIGOURNEY (DD 643) in column, …

Nov. 29, 1944

Went alongside COLORADO for ammunition and stores. Transferred stores to MINNEAPOLIS. 0

Nov. 27, 1944

First attack of cruise. About 15 suicide planes came in with simulated IFF while we were fueling. Cast off all lines and formed a huge circle at flank speed with big and small boys alternating. Eleven were exploded or disabled before completing their dives. COLORADO and ST. LOUIS were hit. Before the explosion, the fantail of ST. LOUIS was irregular …