September 6th Wednesday 1899

Airs, with glassy sea to light breeze with dimpled surface, until taps. Filipinas Islas 30 mi to eastward, high & rugged. Lost smoke of S.S. Ohio going to relief of Morgan City –wrecked on east coast of Japan– at 4 p.m. Brisk wind all night, rolling boat.

[The Philippine portion of the diary ends here.]

September 1st Friday 1899

Got off at 2.30 p.m. and passed down past our old battlefield, and past the burnt evident of wars grim terrors. Natives on bank cried, “Adios Wn.” Below Macati Co F cascoe ran ashore on a sharp bend, and Capt Booker had a swim for his money. Put us in barracks No. 12 at San Maguil [Miguel] the most beautiful part of town in San Miguel district. Had a fine supper, first in three days. Downtown in eve with “4” –everyone gave us the “glad hand.”

August 29th — Tuesday 1899

Not yet relieved, although 2 Co’s 37th Vets are in Pasig. There must have been trouble at St Pedro Macati, as we heard cannonading at intervals for two hours or more. Sometime ago they captured the mayor and 100 others for being implicated in an insurrection there.