Tuesday, April 4, 1905

[[Annie]], [[Marjorie]] and I went to the [[Escolta]] at five. Bought hats for [[Benguet]]. Called on [[Corbins]], [Duncans]] and [[Smiths]]. 0

Monday, April 3, 1905

It is getting very warm. Everything is very quiet. Went to the [[Escolta]] at 5 with [[Annie]] & [[Marjorie]]. Then to the [[Strong]]’s where wehad a cherry brandy. Home in the evening. Went to bed. 0

Sunday, April 2, 1905

[[Uncle Henry]] left today for [[Benguet]]. It is [[Mr. Cootes]] birthday and we celebrated by a beach party. [[Annie]] went with [[Mr. Forbes]] and I went with [[Judge Carson]]. Started at 5:30. Went to the [[Luneta]], then to the beach, had a glorious swim. Water warm and very phosphorescent. Supper and champagne; then sat on the beach. Home at one. …