March 25, 1945

I applied for part payment of salary at the office of the Recovered Personnel Branch of the Army, Lt. Johnson in charge, some were paid, but my records are so far not found. 0

March 1-24, 1945

We are being well taken care of by the Army, more food than we can eat, each of us receives a 14 oz can of evaporated milk each day, the small children receive special food, prepared in Hospital kitchen, we eat under a tent fly near Dormitory; Col. Gregory, the Camp C.O., comes often to see if we are getting …

Jan. 1, 1945

This is not what I would call a happy new year but at least it is a hopeful one; indications are that Japs are going to pull out and may leave us behind. I now weigh 137½ lbs, having lost 30 lbs since Feb 7, 1944 when gate was closed to food parcels and starvation began in earnest. I am …

Dec. 30, 31, 1944

Bombings and fires, night flares and glare of distant fires. 0

Dec. 29, 1944

F.G. Wilson (Woody) died last night about 12:00, midnight, he fought a good fight but starvation, beriberi and heart disease were too much; he was one of the best and we employees of the Army will sure miss him. 0

Dec. 26, 27, 28, 1944

Bombings and fires, also night and day have many explosions about Manila and suburbs, Japs are evidently destroying supplies and the piers. 0

Dec. 25, 1944

***XMAS, 1944—Today for breakfast we had mush, coconut milk, SUGAR, Chocolate flavored hot drink, and a spoonful of jam. Tasted real good for we have not had any sugar for a long time. At reville the broadcaster played “ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIER” in the dim light of the early morning, as the Japs finished their morning worship, and flares from distant …

Dec. 24, 1944

We have a loud speaker broadcasting by which Camp orders are announced, it tells us when can go to chow and how, announces time for roll call, reville and curfew; used to play record tunes for our entertainment evenings but not now; at morning reville it plays a tune and sometimes the tune gives us an idea of what’s happening outside …

Dec. 23, 1944

Jap Military Police from Ft. Santiago came into camp today and arrested Camp Chairman Grinnell, Duggleby, Robison, and Larsen, we don’t know the reason, they are in the Jap jail in the main building, under Jap guard. I went today to visit Hospital, I don’t go often any more, is too hard work climbing stairs and it’s such a horrible …