Jan. 9, 1945

D-Day for Luzon. Lingayen Gulf. Again bad weather. First strike at 0700. 13 planes. We hit an airfield on Formosa. AA heaviest I have seen so far. 2 planes damaged. All returned safe. Heading for French Indo-China tonight. Big raids coming up. 0

Jan. 7, 1945

14 planes took off at approx 0700. Bombed Appari [Aparri] airfield. Second strike launched at 1300. Bombed Clark Field area. Set several big fires. 0

Jan. 6, 1945

Strike Luzon Northern end. Bad weather again. Cold and rainy. First strike took off at 1045. Hit shipping. Set 10 ships afire. 0

Dec. 16, 1944

Lingayen Air Strip. New planes—TBM3s. 0

Nov. 25, 1944

Santa Cruz and San Fernando. We sank 1 DD or DE, damaged others. All 7 ships in this convoy were sunk by our Task Group. Our ship was hit by a Japanese suicide plane. Did not halt operations. 0

Nov. 14, 1944

Sank 2 DDs or CLs [light cruisers], 3 freighters, and damaged several others. Heavy AA. 0

Nov. 13, 1944

Manila Bay. Hit enemy shipping. Sank several. At least 40 or more ships were sunk by our whole Task Force. Heavy AA. 0

Nov. 11, 1944

Hit convoy in Ormoc Bay. We sank 2 DDs, 2 Aks, 1 AO [oiler]. Several others damaged. 0