February 1st, 1900 (Thursday)

Yesterday Turdes Bonlad was sent as a scout to check on the presence of the Americans. He sent us word during the night that the Americans had matched (forty-five of them towards Reina Mercedes, and the rest towards Echague) at 8 in the morning.

In view of this information, we returned to our camarin, where we had our breakfast.

January 7th, 1900

Between 8 and 9 p.m. we arrived at the barrio of Oscaris, a town of Echague, Province of Isabela of Cagayan, coming from the ranchería of Bayabas. Here we learned with true sorrow in our hearts of the surrender of General Daniel T. Tirona with his officers and troops to the American forces commanded by a captain.

There were few forces in the valley of Cagayan but our forces could not move as they were intended exclusively for the preservation of the precious life of our unconquered and remarkable leader.

All the local chiefs, powerful residents, and inhabitants of the valley who visited us grieved with sorrow in their souls at the act of the two generals, Canon and Tirona, because of their surrender without firing a shot at the American forces. They told us that the generals were carrying with them great quantities of jewelry and money. They attribute the surrender to the fear of losing their riches, although they commanded forces much more numerous than the enemy.

Since our arrival we have lodged in the convent and the troops in the church; and, as this situation was not safe, a camarin was ordered constructed on the other side of the river where we moved in on the afternoon of the 18th.

December 31st, 1899

We proceeded towards Alimit, reaching it in the afternoon. We spent the night in this place. From here we went to Oscaris on January 1, 1900, passing through Bugiones and Bayabas and arriving there at 10 in the evening of January 8, 1900. We were lodged in the convent at barrio Oscaris (in Echague, Isabela). Later, a camp was pitched on the other side of the river, where we established temporary residence for a month and three days. We enjoyed ourselves by holding horse races in the beautiful plain around the camp. Part of our forces entered Carig, killing two Americans and capturing their guns.