August 19-26, 1911

On the 19th of August, I went to Corregidor fortress and stayed there overnight. The next day I returned to Manila and remained there until the 26th of August. On this day, with a marvellous sunset, I bid farewell to Manila and the Philippines. I sailed to Hong Kong on the ship Juen Sang. I had bought a boat ticket from Manila to Genova, Italy from a German shipper for 120 dollars.


[The Philippines-related portion of this diary resumes on April 4, 1916]

May 1-4, 1911

We arrived in Legazpi on Tuesday the 1st of May and sailed off in the afternoon and sailed into Manila on Wednesday afternoon at 6 o’clock of the 2nd of May, stayed overnight on the steamboat, on the second morning drove with a smaller steamboat over the Pasig river to the big Army post of Fort W. McKinley. We slept in tents overnight, but the next day some of us were put into the barracks.