Dec. 2, 1944

Shortly after midnight, entered Ormoc Bay. Finding no enemy, continued north. At about 0182, float plane approached column from astern. SIGOURNEY apparently challenged it with signal light (which we couldn’t have seen). The plane then began signaling with the same challenge (rather than the proper reply) as it moved up the column on the starboard side. Although incorrect, it was …

Nov. 11, 1944

Hit convoy in Ormoc Bay. We sank 2 DDs, 2 Aks, 1 AO [oiler]. Several others damaged. 0

11 November 1944

Three long GQs last night. Navy bombers sunk 6 Jap APAs, 2 DDs and 2 DEs plus several small craft off west coast of Leyte Island in Ormar [Ormoc] Bay. Two GQs today, one about 3 hours. One month today since receiving our last mail 0