Saturday, February 7, 1970

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Office of the President

of the Philippines



February 7, 1970

11:00 AM

Met Byroade who says we can pick up the tear gas next Monday. The dye will be forthcoming and he hopes he can divert to the Philippines three helicopters for Vietnam and two for Thailand. He says he has to fight the Vietnan priority.

Tonight I also met with Roger Arienda, one of my most bitter critics who has been leading demonstrations. He was brought by Col. Simeon Medalla. Of course he suggested that he puts up an office to receive complaints and funds to support the office. He now supports me.

Submitted to the National Development Council the priority legislative program as follows:

  1. Price and Rent Control Law
  2. Special funds for:
    1. Land Reform
    2. Peace and Order
    3. Housing
    4. Electoral Reforms
    5. Tax collection improvement

Doy Laurel proposed the inclusion of judicial and penal reforms.

But they opposed the proclamation of all of Luzon as a land reform area allegedly for lack of funds to finance the tenants. We agreed to finance the existing land reform areas first. Otherwise we would lose further credibility.

I had to tell the Senators and Congressmen that the demonstrators and the radicals felt that Congress was hopeless because it was moving along as slowly as usual and not acting as if there was need for immediate change.


Office of the President

of the Philippines


Met with my cabinet to inform them that we had to meet the demand for change. So everybody held himself available for replacement. I have prepared a proposed revamp.

But in the Manila Times, Pastalero, former UP Student Council President, follows Barican’s line that I should resign. So it is not constitutional reforms they want but a change of President. This should unmask them.

Manila Times has become impossible. Chino Roces has become a juramentado. He asked the Umali group of farmers to join the demonstration on the 12th so as to get me to resign in three months. He must be a mental case as I always suspected. Manang Pacita says he is trying to prove his manhood elsewhere as he is inadequate at home.

Rudy Tupas and Abe Cruz who saw Imelda claim they will be able to stop him from inside the Manila Times.

Wednesday, February 4, 1970

01 Diary of Ferdinand Marcos, 1970, 0001-0099 (Jan01-Feb28) 68 01 Diary of Ferdinand Marcos, 1970, 0001-0099 (Jan01-Feb28) 69


Office of the President

of the Philippines



February 4, 1970

[Marginal note: Played golf with the Malacañang reporters at 5:00 PM]

1:30 AM

Everything has returned to normalcy. But I feel that the HMB’s with Dante and Ninoy masterminding them are planning some sabotage.

Talked to Ex-Sen. Rodolfo Ganzon and Ex-Rep Raschid Lucman and his wife Princess Tarhata.

I have asked Roding Ganzon to infiltrate the LP. He says that Lopez, Laurel and Osmeña have agreed on an NP-LP ticket in 1973. Osmeña wants to run again and Doy Laurel may be his Vice. But of course Gerry Roxas and Ninoy Aquino want to run as President.

And Lucman I asked to keep peace in Lanao and to placate the Liberals.

Boni Isip, Joe Luckban and Johnny Echiverri saw me. They told me of Joe Maristela and of Ex-Sen Estanislao Fernandez urging the students to attack at Mendiola and plying them with whiskey from a jeep without any number and loaded with whiskey bottles.

I hope to see Rep. Salipada Pendatun, brother in law of Ex. Gov. Udtog Matalam, leader of the Moslem Independence Movement, tomorrow. As well as Ex-Sen. Domocao Alonto and Ex-Gen. Alonto.

We are building pillboxes at the gates and mortar defenses including baffled walls for my gymnasium where we can seek shelter in case of mortar attack.

We have cleared the lawn west of the veranda and ceremonial hall for a helicopter landing this side of the Palace complete with night landing lights.


Office of the President

of the Philippines


We are preparing anti-subversion cases against Arienda and the leaders of the Kabataang Makabayan.

I feel that ultimately we must have a confrontation with the communists in this country. And that their eradication as a threat to our free way of life may be one of my main missions. It is true that if we can keep on delaying and delaying their take-off and cut off their momentum we will ultimately win, but it will be a messy and tedious job. Now we have an opportunity – perhaps the only opportunity to liquidate the movement in one clean sweep – if we plan it well enough.

Thus if there is massive sabotage and an attempt against my life, then I might be compelled to suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus and arrest all the persons in the list of communists.

This will be the total solution to the ideological impasse!

January 27, 1970

01 Diary of Ferdinand Marcos, 1970, 0001-0099 (Jan01-Feb28) 56


Office of the President

of the Philippines

[Marginal note: Also met with Cong. Montano at 11:30 AM. Asked him to stop his fellow Liberals from  the crazy ideas of a coup d’etat.]


January 27, 1970


12:10 PM

Imelda left for Leyte to attend the installation of the Bishop of Palo. Have just called her up by phone patch. She says Ulot is so beautiful, the Papal Nuncio says it is more beautiful than Napoli. The moon is out. It is a three quarter fading moon.

Met with all the Chiefs of Police in the Metropolitan area, the Metrocom Chief & his staff, the PC chief and his staff and the NBI chief. Asked Col. Tamayo and Barbers to report on the rioting yesterday. I requested that the charges against the students be dropped; charges against non-students can continue; that a critique be made of the conduct of the men in uniform; that steps be taken to prevent any injuries to demonstrators in the future as there are reports of individual cases of policemen using more force than necessary. The MPD Chief explained that in the melee and the mob action, it was difficult to say what are the proper limits to the use of force to meet force. They asked for additional equipment as the policemen have to buy their own helmets and baton. About 19 policemen were injured.

As reported by Ignacio Lacsina, his NUTC men in the rally saw Roger Arienda and his men start the rioting by throwing the coffin, the stuffed crocodile and stones at my car. I have asked Col. Ver to get their affidavits.

I also met at 10:45 with Ambassador Byroade whom I quietly confronted with the story the Liberals are spreading openly that the American Embassy is supporting an attempt at a coup d’etat. He claims they only listened to the need for a coup. I told him of Patterson’s suggestion to blow up the bridges to isolate Malacañang. He seemed stunned and said he was greatly concerned and would do something about it. He said as long as he & Nixon were in position we would not be fighting Americans.

[Marginal note: I am a little relieved by his apparent willingness to cooperate with me.]