February 27, 1936

All day drive with Doria and Professor H. Otley Beyer through Laguna, Batangas and Cavite provinces. At Ft. Mckinley we turned down to the river and took the new road thru Pateros and Taguig to Alabang. Pateros is, of course, the centre of the duck raising industry and Beyer says the people there spread the story of how their men …

September 1st Friday 1899

Got off at 2.30 p.m. and passed down past our old battlefield, and past the burnt evident of wars grim terrors. Natives on bank cried, “Adios Wn.” Below Macati Co F cascoe ran ashore on a sharp bend, and Capt Booker had a swim for his money. Put us in barracks No. 12 at San Maguil [Miguel] the most beautiful …

August 31 Thursday 1899

Was bitten by a spider last night, and badly poisoned. On guard 3rd relief. Nothing but beans to eat for two days. Hot. Relief came. 0

August 29th — Tuesday 1899

Not yet relieved, although 2 Co’s 37th Vets are in Pasig. There must have been trouble at St Pedro Macati, as we heard cannonading at intervals for two hours or more. Sometime ago they captured the mayor and 100 others for being implicated in an insurrection there. 0

August 28th Monday 1899

Light winds from the W, cool & pleasant. Co’s K & M Headq’ts & band went aboard today. At Taguig we will be relieved perhaps tomorrow. 0

August 23rd — Wednesday 1899

Rain all day. Wrote home & to Miss Crawford. Mosquitos very troublesome last night. Heard heavy guns –perhaps some foreign war vessel saluting Old Glory. 0

August 8/22 — Tuesday 1899

Relieved at 10 a.m. and slept until 4 p.m. “It rains & the wind is never weary.” Packed my box for shipment. 0

August 8/21 Monday 1899

On guard at 10 a.m. Paper says the 1st Wash to soon on the “City of Parra.” Lots of H²O all around church. No excitement at all. A lot of men coolies came to all Co’s here, so we expect to go to Manila very soon. 0

August 16th –’99– Wednesday

Cloudy & pleasant. Light to gentle breezes from W & SW in a.m., changing to heavy winds from NW accompanied by sudden showers, which flooded roads & raised river rapidly. In eve, bright starlight. Moonlight when not obscured by passing clouds –in which were seen numerous flashes of lightning. Little firing noted today along the lines, although’ a chinaman laborer …