September 18, 1945

Passed through South Channel 7 AM. Dropped anchor Manila 9:30 AM. Rain. 0

September 16, 1945

Tryon Manila bound. WE HAVE BEEN RE-CAPTURED! 0

September 14, 1945

Table waiter, Hayes, lazy, service poor. He is amazed at amount of jam we eat. He puts bread, butter and jam on table and whisk, it is all gone! Borrowed swim trunks and lay in sun on deck with Tom Sawyer 9 to 11. 0

September 13, 1945

Played phonograph CPO wardroom in afternoon. Return later for supper and I not very hungry….poor show! Frank Ginsberg gave me one dollar bill U. S. 0

September 12, 1945

Tryon under way 7 AM. Continuous line of ships both sides of us until noon. 0

September 11, 1945

Shave and a hot shower before “beans for breakfast.” Tooth fulled [sic – pulled? filled?] 8 AM. First “free” letter to Ottly. Ice cream for dinner in wardroom mess. 0

September 10, 1945

Arrive Yokohama 8 AM. Greeted by Gen. Eichelberger, C O 8th Army. Also there was a band to greet us and hot cakes! Shower, bugpowder and boarded the USS Tryon at 11 AM. Moved into stream 6 PM. “Between Two Women.” Lights out at 10 – okay. 0