Wendell Fertig

June 22, 1943

Unification of Negros is doubtful as Villamor is young, He is using unlimited promotion as a club to buy opposing leaders.

June 20, 1943

[Suicide of William Lowry:] He was living and working too hard and 18 months of wartook their toll.

May 30, 1943

[Melvin McCoy, Stephen Mellnik, William] They are a bit stir crazy, and apparently determined to continue on south.

May 7, 1943

KGEI commented ‘Tozyo visit to the Islands will be restricted by the activities of the Filipino-American troops.’ This is one of the first official admissions… Read More »May 7, 1943

May 3, 1943

[Andrews] is violently anti-American, is largely responsible for Pendatun’s attitude. [Grimstead is] a stable and careful commander in a difficult area. [Khalil Khodir is a]… Read More »May 3, 1943