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Wendell Fertig

June 23, 1943

Little discourse with Morgan concerning his use of the rank ofColonel and issuance of orders to Cunanan of Siquijor.

June 22, 1943

Unification of Negros is doubtful as Villamor is young, He is using unlimited promotion as a club to buy opposing leaders.

June 20, 1943

[Suicide of William Lowry:] He was living and working too hard and 18 months of wartook their toll.

May 30, 1943

[Melvin McCoy, Stephen Mellnik, William] They are a bit stir crazy, and apparently determined to continue on south.

May 7, 1943

KGEI commented ‘Tozyo visit to the Islands will be restricted by the activities of the Filipino-American troops.’ This is one of the first official admissions… Read More »May 7, 1943