TOBIAS, James E., CRM, U.S. Navy, Ser. No. 380-82-90, died at 1106 this date. Cause of death: Beriberi. Remains taken to Manila by the Japanese  for interment in Del Norte Cemetery. Bilibid Chaplain accompanied remains. 0


Remains of WATT taken to Manila by the Japanese for interment in Del Norte Cemetery, Bilibid Chaplain accompanied deceased. The U.S. Navy medical staff was this date relieved of all duties by the Japanese and assigned to outgoing draft group, scheduled to depart momentarily for Japan, The below named enlisted medical personnel of the medical staff, last shown, were excepted: …


At 0730 this morning American dive-bombers were sighted over the  Manila Area. Explosions were heard about the time the air raid alarm was sounded at 0750, 1050 back on alert. Air raid at 1300, 1415 back on alert;  1545 air raid; 1645 back on alert; 1750 secure, WATT, John William Private,  British Army, ASN: 10031540, died at 1630 this date. …


Air alert sounded at 0810. MOORE, James G., Private first Class,  U.S. Army, ASN: 6700930, died at 0005 this date. Cause of death: Dysentery, amebic. Remains taken to Manila for interment in Del Norte Cemetery by the  Japanese. Bilibid Chaplain accompanied remains. Air alert secured at 1655. 0


Air alert sounded at 0755 this date. Secure at 1615. 0


REESE, Charles Athol, Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army, ASN: 6383509, died at 0520 this date. Cause of death: Beriberi (cardiac). This man was a member of above-mentioned draft group. GREGORY, Herbert James, Private, British Army, died at 0705, this date. Cause of death: Dysentery, amebic.  Remains of both taken to Manila for interment in Del Norte Cemetery by the  Japanese. Bilibid …


Air alert sounded at 0755; 0830 air raid alarm sounded. 0920 air raid secured – back on alert. At 1400 this date a draft  of medical officers and hospital corpsmen (92 in number) arrived from Cabanatuan. PERMENTER, Don 0., PhM2e, USN, and NOVAK, Lous, Jr., PhM2c, USN, were in this group, the remainder of this group being U.S. Army  medical …


At 0700 this date air alert was sounded; 0917 secure. Air alert sounded again at 1400; 1500 secure. Patient census: 591.  Camp census; 2,130. 0


GRIFFIN, James William, Sergeant, U.S. Army, patient in dysentery ward of this hospital, while taking a sun bath was deliberately shot by a Japanese sentry stationed on post near the ward. Immediately after shooting GRIFFIN, the Japanese sentry shot himself. Local investigation disclosed that GRIFFIN had not given the sentry any provocation or justification for the act. Both GRIFFIN and …