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GRIFFIN, James William, Sergeant, U.S. Army, patient in dysentery ward of this hospital, while taking a sun bath was deliberately shot by a Japanese sentry stationed on post near the ward. Immediately after shooting GRIFFIN, the Japanese sentry shot himself. Local investigation disclosed that GRIFFIN had not given the sentry any provocation or justification for the act. Both GRIFFIN and the Japanese sentry were given emergency treatment. Examination revealed that the projectile penetrated GRIFFIN’s neck a little to the left of the midline and about 1 cm. above the sternum and coming out a little to the right of the spinal column. The projectile entered under the chin of the Japanese sentry, carrying away most of the front lower teeth and part of the mandible. It is believed that the sentry attempted suicide after shooting GRIFFIN. The Japanese authorities removed the sentry to their own hospital and state that they are investigating the incident. At 1810 GRIFFIN was placed on the critical list.