April 11, 1942 

Day quiet. At supper time 10 B-25s and 3 B-17Es came in. Going to do a bit of bombing then back and chance to move on south. I hope I get it. Was a wonderful sight to see them come in.

At about 5:00 that afternoon, the personnel at the Del Monte Field were startled when three B-17s and 10 twin engine bombers of a type they had never seen before approached the field and came in to land. Headed by Maj. Gen. Ralph Royce, they were on a special mission from Australia to raid targets on Cebu (central Philippines), Mindanao, and (for the B-17s) Luzon. The pursuit pilots were to provide support for their operations. 

April 10, 1942 

Another lazy day. Not much news of Bataan. Terms being arranged. Cebu attacked. Quite a few of the pilots got out of Bataan. We wonder who. Lundee trying to get us on south from here. Dyess stayed on –naturally.

Ozzie Lunde flew south in one of the P-35As on April 8th, another pilot in his baggage compartment. Hank Thorne—the CO of the 3d Pursuit–took the other P-35A to Mindanao, with 34th Pursuiters Larry McDaniel and Ben Brown in the compartment. Joe Moore flew the “P-40 Something” out and Jack Donalson took Dyess’ “Kibosh” south, but damaged it on landing at Iloilo. Dyess had refused to leave his men behind. Roland Barnick managed to get the old Grumman Duck airborne after last-minute repairs that evening and flew three 34th Pursuiters out along with Carlos Romulo, MacArthur’s former press relations officer. 

April 7, 1942 

Up early, left for Cebu before daylight. Spent day there in Civilization [sic], it doesn’t seem possible, good food, no bombers. I felt like a kid with a new toy. Left for Del Monte, arriving at dusk.

Burns doesn’t indicate how he got down to Cebu and Del Monte, but he was probably a passenger in one of the Bamboo Fleet planes. However, according to Tony Bilek, a mechanic at Bataan Field, Burns flew down to Mindanao in one of the two P-35As at the field. If so, it must have been flown back to Bataan that evening, as the following afternoon both P-35As were on Bataan. One would also think that Burns would have described his experience had he been a passenger (in the baggage compartment) or the pilot.