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Capt. Lohr

April 19, 1942

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this day is as usual. We wake up early for physical checking and prepared for inspection. But the inspecting officer failed to come. We ate… Read More »April 19, 1942

April 16, 1942

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Condition as usual. Ration the same, that is 3 time a day of ball camote and rice, Little work about improvement of sanitation arround barracks.… Read More »April 16, 1942

April 13, 1942

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Personal Diary here in our Prisoners Camp, Camp O’Donnell, Tarlac. At 5:00 p.m. we arrive here in O’Donnell camp all walking from Capaz [Capas], Tarlac,,… Read More »April 13, 1942

April 9, 1942

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This was the day of our Surrender to the Japanese. Oh, how plenty and strong they are? There’s no question about their might. They were… Read More »April 9, 1942